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You also sprinkle on private parts and hair, perfume, know its loss

Wrist, ear, throat, this is a place where people spend more perfume. Because perfume is very late at this place and it also has excitement. But do you know which parts of the body should not be perfume? Often, in the circumference of Fragrance, we put perfume on any part of the body. But do you know that by putting perfume on many parts of the body, it can also be harmful for you. Many of us do not even know that part of the body is sensitized and should not apply perfume even after perfume. Do not rub on the hand, often people do that after perfume they rub it with the other hand and then smell their fragrance. But doing this does not increase the fragrance of perfume, but it decreases. Put perfume on the wrist and leave it like that. It keeps the scent for a long time. Keep in mind before applying in hair Some people have a habit that they put perfume on the hair. But their habit can prove to be dangerous for your hair. Because alcohol is used in perfume. The hair starts getting dry by its use. Women often prefer perfume behind the ears but behind the ears, the back part of the ear is very sensitive and dry. Perfume runs on oily spots for a long time. The chemical and alcohol in the perfume can make the skin more dry. So do not forget to apply the moisturizer before putting perfume there. Do not immediately after bathing Use a shower gel for perfume bath. Clean the whole body with some aromatic detergent and use a perfume or dio only after brushing the body. If you want your body to always feel happy, start bathing with hot water. A bath with warm water will open the pores, and after that, when you use perfume, its intensity will continue for a long time. After bathing, body lotion should be applied to maintain moisture in the body. Perfumes used on moist skin remain intact for a long time. Around the private part, if you wear shots or leg-wrilling dress and spray perfume around your thighs, then it makes a big mistake. Because sprinkling at the bottom leads to friction heat in between and you may have a problem of itching and irritation on the underside.

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Avoid applying clothes and jewelery. Do not wear clothing and jewelery. Perfume has often been seen that girls wear perfume only after wearing clothes or julari, but do you know that by using perfume in this manner, your jewelery and clothes Not only this, by using perfume in such a manner, its fragrance does not last long. The underarms should never be perfume even directly in the underarm. The skin here is very sensitive. This can be black. Apart from this, direct perfume can be friction and burning sensation after under-arms waxing.